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A project on alternative accommodation

In 2006 the Salone del Mobile recorded 223,138 visitors, including 123,391 foreigners. The Fuorisalone events were attended by half a million people. Hospitality has finally become a crucial issue the city is unable to deal with, since its accommodation possibilities are far less than needed. Moreover, they are often too expensive for young designers.

Thanks to a long established experience in this field, esterni presents two major projects:
- the designers' house: a temporary house/hostel set up for the third consecutive year. In the past two years the designers' house provided about 100 beds and played guest to 300 designers during the Salone del Mobile week, but unfortunately some 1000 further applicants looking for accommodation could not find any place;

- bed sharing: an ambitious project that wishes to involve all citizens and ask them to host visitors who can not find "ordinary" accommodation. 2 square meters are enough to host someone. The initiative stems from the will to create new opportunities to meet, promote cultural exchanges and provide Milan with a more "welcoming" attitude.

Finding solutions to real deficiencies; upgrading facilities and services; and changing common attitudes towards others - these are various challenges sharing the same goal, i.e. turning Milan into an international, open, welcoming and friendly city.

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