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Wake up design! Breakfast get together

Tuesday, the 15th of April, 10 a.m.
John Cary (USA) - Executive Director, Public Architecture
Currently the holder of the Rome Prize in Design
Beauty is trivial? No. Beauty dignifies. Architecture doesn't just function; it expresses the human condition.
Public Architecture is a nonprofit organisation based in San Francisco (USA) that aimes at putting the resources of architecture in the service of the public interest. Identifies and solves practical problems of human interaction in the built environment and acts as a catalyst for public discourse through education, advocacy and the desing of public spaces and amenities.
It is a Model that provides a venue where architects can work for the public good, it is a Method identifying significant problems of wide relevance that require innovative research and design and it is a Motivator to encourage architecture firms nationwide to formalize their commitment to the public good. Public Architecture launched "the 1%" program in 2005 through which firms pledge one percent of their billable hours to pro bono service.

Wednesday, the 16th of April, 10 a.m.
Enzo Zecchi - UniversitÓ degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Direttore Scientifico Lepida Scuola.
Learning community, learning environment: what spaces for a new education?
A strong need is present to leave the current institutional model behind, in which the student is the receiving subject of the knowledge building procedure. The idea is to turn towards another solution, where one can play the protagonist of it. With more attention to the classroom activity, consider it more than just a learning environment and consider students more than just a learning community, rather as an opportunity to centralize the constructive aspects of the whole process. Learning by doing and designing, groupwork, the use of technology are to become the most important aspects along with the reconsideration of the space where it takes place.

Wednesday, the 16th of April, 11 a.m.
Between public and private space - Stefano Mirti (InteractionLab), Luigi Presicce (Brow Magazine) and Emina Cevro Vukovic.

Thursday, the 17th of April, 10 a.m.
Jeanne van Heeswijk (NL) - Artist
Jeanne van Heeswijk's work addresses art production and discourse in a broad range of ways. Her work is based on the thought that art must cross boundaries and touch real concerns and situations. It has historically developed in its relation to society. She has worked on different cultural models for public spaces in which essential part of her practice was to collaborate with the locals.

Venerdi 18 Aprile, ore 10
Gianluca Stasi (Spain)
Recetas Urbanas (Urban Prescriptions) - Santiago Cirugeda
Strategies for Subversive Urban Occupation

The studio of Recetas Urbanas has operated for 12 years working on projects of subversions in different environements of the urban reality in order to make our already complicated social life better. This, means projects from systematic occupation of public spaces realized by boxes to contsturctions of scaffolding of facades, always ballancing between legal and illegal and addressing the amount of control we are under.
The studio works on architectural projects, publishes articles, and has been presented on different scolastic and cultural domains (master, seminars, conferences, workshops, expos, etc). Besides, the studio carries on alterring political discussions and illegal urban intervention projects. The outomes of these are public domain and may be used in all its strategic and juridical proceedings by the citizens who may try out to do it.
In october 2007 it has published a book, Situaciones Urbanas (Urban Situations) that introduces different legal strategies and raises social questions through architectural projects. Santiago Cirugeda is a member of the commission of ASA (Association of Sustainability and Architecture, linked to CSCAE)

Saturday, the 19th of April, 10 a.m.
Harm Scheltens (NL)
Utrecht Manifest
Biennial podium for design and society

Utrecht Manifest is an international cultural biennial, which perceives contemporary developments in design and architecture from a social perspective. The biennial shows how architecture and design, in the past and present, have looked for answers to social and cultural questions connected to innovation, quality and sustainability. It searches for connections between design, architecture and other cultural expressions such as film, theatre and literature, in order to stimulate the public and political debate. The aim is to reinforce the role of design and architecture in developing coherent agendas for social and cultural innovation.

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